Advanced Surface Technologies

MHD’s Advanced Surface Technologies (AST) is a vital resource for enhancing, repairing, or refurbishing critical components thru “Selective / Portable Electroplating” process. This process is a portable plating technology to enhance, repair and refurbish localized areas on manufactured components.

We will help our customers meet their selective plating requirements:

  • In the concept and design phase, MHD shall offer R&D and Engineering expertise to develop a solution for specific applications.
  • In the production phase, MHD’s in house experts, technical support consultants, and contract service technicians can provide the skill and labor to carry out most demanding applications.
  • MHD works closely with its global partners to assure access to high quality products and services related to “Selective / Portable Electroplating”.

Defect Repair on Blanket Cylinder

Copper & Nickel-Cobalt Plating

Printing Cylinder Repair