MHD’s Engineering strength is based on advanced mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical design and analysis capabilities used to solve complex problems and applications as well as be able to simulate advanced operational scenarios:

  • Advanced Modellica solutions to provide a way to create and test complex simulations of actual systems.
  • Development of work scope (scope of supply), functional design specifications, design basis documents, test procedures, data sheets and storage/maintenance and commissioning procedures.
  • Analyses carried out for components / structures that are beyond the normal scope of hand calculations using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method. Various analyses performed are stress, strain, deformation, fatigue, and computational fluid dynamics.
  • MathCAD and Mathematica for presenting design calculations by eliminating human errors.
  • Applying American & International Standards (API, ASME, ASTM, ANSI, DNV, ABS, IEC, NEMA etc.)

The System is powered by Quality Institute of America

MHD’s Quality Management System is based on ANSI / ASQ / ISO Q9001:2015 requirements. MHD maintains quality staff to support Quality Assurance / Control for our products and projects. MHD utilizes State-Of-Art Cloud Computing Solution for integrating QMS though its worldwide locations.