Design & Drafting

MHD has taken a most advanced approach to develop Design and Drafting capabilities by implementing state of the art software solutions in product design.

MHD can produce 2 dimensional GA drawings, Hydraulic and Electrical Schematics, sequence drawings, part drawings; outline drawings, scope of supply drawings and detailed drawings per ANSI or METRIC standard specifications.

MHD can also generate 3-Dimensional models utilizing 3D CAD interface for solving complex problems and verifying intricate interfaces.

All of MHD engineering data is managed thru a “Product Data Management” software solution, which enables:

  • Creation of detailed and intuitive digital product information, e.g. Part Numbers; Part Assemblies; and managing Part / Assembly engineering revisions.
  • Collaborate with MHD’s global offices to manage critical opportunities and engage project teams, customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Control processes such as Change Management and Design Review.